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President's Welcome

President's Welcome

Northeast Petroleum University, founded in 1960, is located in Daqing, China. It grows with the energy industry of the motherland and is connected by blood. Northeast Petroleum University, or NEPU, is a high-level university jointly built by Heilongjiang Province, CNPC, SINOPEC, and CNOOC, and is a critical high-level university in Heilongjiang Province.

For more than 60 years, NEPU has been adhering to the profound feelings of "working hard on this black soil to provide China with more oil and energy," carried forward Daqing Spirit, insisted on taking root in non-central cities of the Alpine region, cultivating high-quality talents for the construction of our country, and overcoming difficulties in economic and social development. NEPU has helpful scientific research directions such as "unconventional oil and gas exploration and development, and enhanced oil and gas recovery" and has achieved remarkable results in serving society. NEPU has a distinctive feature of educating people with Daqing Spirit to form a comprehensive, multi-level production-education-research cooperation. It is the only domestic university that insists on running schools in oil fields and the only university in Northeast China that has integrated petroleum and petrochemical disciplines.

NEPU has also won the reputation of "the cradle of petroleum engineers." The school has established the developing target of building a high-level century-old university following the development strategy of "strengthening onshore oil research, expanding offshore oil exploration, and expanding the development of new energy." Here, I would want to express my heartfelt gratitude to all of the partners, alumni, and friends from all walks of life who have cared about and supported the growth of NEPU. Northeast Petroleum University is taking it on in order to cultivate the young people who will be in charge of the remarkable mission of national renewal. Furthermore, our university is making strenuous attempts to devote energy, serve Heilongjiang Province, and contribute to the great cause of our country!

Jiang Minghu , Professor

NEPU President